How to build backlinks

30 October 2020

If you have a website, or are contemplating one, you will certainly be concerned about SEO (search engine optimization). Historically, web programmers and content writers have used clever and some ill-advised methods for optimizing their site with the search engines. Strategically placed keywords and metatags were some of the basic techniques. Others embedded a keyword hundreds of times within the pages HTML. Search engines caught on to this and soon marked and even de-registered sites using this unacceptable practice. Still, the need to drive traffic to a web site led to other developments, one of which is the web directory.

There are literally thousands of directories, ranging from specific topics to broad coverage of a top 10 or 20, to some sites that are so comprehensive they have over 1000 categories and subcategories. One such comprehensive site is

Is there an advantage to a comprehensive site? Won’t people get lost going through all the different categories? Here’s why we think is a great choice for listing your website and why we chose the comprehensive versus narrow listing approach.

The internet has made us a group of information junkies. We now realize we can have more information than we could ever possibly read, yet we like the choice of seeing it and choosing what we will use. Many people conducting searches may not be very adept at how to do it efficiently so that their true area of interest comes on the first page or two.

As a website manager, you also want top billing in front of your potential visitor. Search engines pull sometimes millions of hits and the searcher soon is overwhelmed and tired of the list. If you aren’t on the first 2 pages, the search engine may not be doing you much good anyway. With a listing on a directory, such as dirfly, you can be in a smaller list in your specific category or categories. The searcher will have a much better chance of finding you, both because the categories on dirfly will make it easy and because you won’t be one of 2,346,819 listings for your category.

Does a directory listing affect your search engine position? Yes, it does. For one, you now have another location in which you can be picked up by the search engine, and it recognizes your frequency. So not only does the directory listing dirfly directly increase your chances of web traffic, it can enhance your position with the search engines.

If you’re going to launch a website, do it right. Contact dirfly and get yourself listed in the appropriate category/categories that will bring new traffic to your site. It’s part of successful web marketing strategy

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